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Audacity (Open Level 7) still has limited space available for athletes. Contact the coaches at aas.audacity@gmail.com for more information

Adrenaline All Stars is a successful cheerleading program located at Wayland Sports in both Surrey and Richmond, B.C. Our gym currently offers competitive cheerleading and fields an International All Girl Open Level 7 team with multiple appearances at the World Cheerleading Championships.

Adrenaline is committed to helping each athlete reach his or her full potential, and we are proud of our well-rounded approach to training. Our staff consider each aspect of the physical, mental and emotional athlete to be important, and strive to cultivate strength in all areas. The goal as a program is to develop confident, motivated young men and women, who are passionate not only about the sport of cheerleading, but also values of teamwork, accountability and dedication.

Adrenaline teams primarily train out of Wayland Sports Ltd. in Richmond (Ironwood), BC where our International Open 7 team is located. As Wayland Sports is a gymnastics facility, our athletes train & develop cheer & tumbling skills in a safe environment. We have access to the following equipment:

  • Trampolines & mini-tramp
  • 30ft TumbleTrak
  • Foam pit
  • Other gymnastics equipment such as beatboards, crash mats, various boxes, bars and more

Adrenaline All Stars is capturing local, national and international placings in the world of competitive cheer. Select teams also receive an opportunity to travel, perform at community events, and train under reknowned professionals Lisa Aucoin and Kenny Feeley from Spring Cheer Dance & Tumbling.

Cheerleading in British Columbia

The BC Cheerleading Association (BCCA) follows the USASF Rules. Events typically implement the Varsity Scoring System. Please use the links above for detailed information on local events, divisions, safety rules and scoring rubrics.



Simran previously cheered for 6 years and this is her 3rd year as the Cheer Director at Adrenaline. Before starting cheer, Simran was a gymnast at Cartwheels (now Wayland) for 6 years. She is currently completing the BBA: Human Resource Management program at KPU. Her two favourite competitions she has competed are: Worlds in Orlando (2015) and NCA Nationals in Dallas (2014). She is USASF Level 3 certified, and has her NCCP Level 1 Gymnastics, NCCP Level 1 Trampoline, Athletic Taping and First Aid & CPR-C certifications.

Did You Know? Simran’s favourite color is blue, and she loves anything sparkly




Bio coming soon



Shannon comes with nine years of cheer experience and this is her fourth year at Adrenaline. She previously coached the competitive program at Thompson Rivers University for 5 years and is happy to be able to continue both coaching and cheering in the lower mainland. She is currently an Events Specialist at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and is certified with USASF Building Skills Level 3 and Tumbling Level 2 in addition to holding Occupational First Aid Level 2.

Shannon will be coaching Junior 1 Crossfire this season.

Did you know? Shannon’s high school competitive dance team was also called Adrenaline!

Briana Harris


Briana has cheered for a total of 4 years and this is her first-year coaching at Adrenaline. Briana previously coached the Seaquam secondary cheerleading team for 5 years and is excited about this new transition to All Star cheer. Briana has cheered for our Open 6 Audacity for the last 2 years. Before starting cheer, she was a gymnast at Cartwheels (now Wayland Sports) for 5 years. She is attending UFV in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program which she will graduate from in April. Briana is USASF level 2 certified, NCCP level 2 certified and currently holds Standard First Aid & CPR-C.

Briana will be coaching our Senior 2 Shockwave this season.

Did you know? Briana’s favorite part of cheerleading is tumbling and her favorite competition was the world championships in 2017!



Kourtney is entering her 6th season as a coach and her 9th season as an athlete at Adrenaline! She holds USASF and BCCA level 3 credentials as well as First Aid, CPR-C, and concussion training. She’s also NCCP foundations trained. Her goal is to either become a human rights lawyer or have a career in social work! She loves cheer and Adrenaline with all her heart and can’t wait to see what this season holds!

Kourtney will be coaching Mini 1 Mighty Mites & Senior 2 Shockwave this season!

Did you know? Kourtney has pirate in her blood! She is distantly related to Captain Kidd!



Paige previously cheered for 6 seasons and this is her 7th year of coaching at Adrenaline. She attended the 2015 World Cheerleading Championships with Audacity. She is currently in SFU’s teaching program and hopes to soon become an Elementary School Teacher. Paige is USASF Level 3 certified and has her NCCP Level 1 Gymnastics, NCCP Level 1 Trampoline, Athletic Taping and First Aid & CPR-C certifications.

Did you know? Paige’s favourite part of cheer has always been tumbling and she loves anything chocolate!

stylized star


Keara grew up doing gymnastics before making the switch to cheerleading. Since then, she has been coaching both sports for almost 15 years! She has been with Cartwheels/Wayland Sports since 2009 and was the previous program director for Adrenaline. Keara graduated from UBC with a degree in Kinesiology & Health Science, and has been a member of the BC Associastion of Kinesiologists since 2015. She now works for a provincial sport organization. She holds USASF Level 6 certification as well as NCCP Level WAG and Trampoline, Standard First Aid and CPR-C, as well as Sport First Aid & Athletic Taping certifications.

This season Keara will be coaching both our Level 4 & Level 6.

Did you know? Keara has two rescue dogs who she loves to go hiking with!

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Bio to come soon!



Bio to come soon!

Please note at this time, only International Level 7 is operating.

Audacity – Open All Girl 7 

(*Ages 16+)

Location: Richmond

Regular Season Training Times:

Sundays 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Tuesdays 8:15 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

*Athlete must turn 17 within the calendar year of 2020

Open All Girl 7 competes at the highest level of cheerleading with the goal of attending the World Cheerleading Championships. Athletes must have good stunt technique through previous levels and have or be working towards high level tumbling. Audacity has competed at the World Championships in 2015, 2017, and 2018.

Coaching Audacity 2019/20: Vanessa Wilson & Keara Urquhart

Audacity may have limited space available for athletes until September 2019. Email the coaches at aas.audacity@gmail.com for more information


Is your athlete close to achieving a skill? Wanting to excel faster or improve on their technique prior to team placements? We have 30-minute cheer specific private tumbling or partner stunting privates available with our staff available throughout the season!

Cost: $30/session*

Save $5 per athlete if booking semi-privates (3 athletes max)

If privates are booked for an entire month (4 weekly privates) you will receive a 5% discount

If privates are booked for the entire season (Sept-April) you will receive a 10% discount

Email cheer@waylandsports.com or call 604-594-1555 to register your athlete today!


Recreational cheerleading is essentially an introduction to all star cheerleading. All star cheerleading differs from sideline cheerleading in that the focus is on creating a routine with tumbling, stunts, jumps and dance for performances or competitions – routines do not include chants, signs, or poms.  Your athlete can join this team for fun and as an introduction to cheer. Contact cheer@waylandsports.com for your free trial class today!

Athletes may join at any point during the session.

During their time in prep cheer, they will learn all the fundamentals of cheer which includes: stunting, tumbling, jumping and dancing. They will be working towards create a short routine which they will perform at the end of their final class. Not only will they learn new skills, but they will learn about team work, self-discipline and how strong work ethic will help you achieve personal goals.



The Adrenaline All Stars Booster Club is a parent run non-profit that fundraises to offset costs for expenses related to travel competitions, team gear and more! Email cheer@waylandsports.com to be added to the Booster Club mailing list.


Please refer to your athlete handbook for competition dates and locations. Events schedules are typically released 1-2 weeks in advance of the event.

Feel the Power – March 2019

Open 6 Audacity – 2nd Place

Mardi Parti – Feb 2019

Open 6 Audacity – 1st Place

Senior 2 Shockwave – 2nd Place

Junior 1 Crossfire – 3rd Place

Mini 1 Mighty Mites – 4th Place

Ella Youth 1 Indy – 5th Place

CheerFest Championship – Feb 2019

Senior 2 Shockwave – 1st Place

Ella Youth 1 Indy – 1st Place

Junior 1 Crossfire – 3rd Place

Mini 1 Mighty Mites – 4th Place

ATC International Championship – Jan 2019

Mini 1 Mighty Mites – 4th Place

Senior 2 Shockwave – 6th Place

Junior 1 Crossfire – 7th Place

ATC New Year’s Classic – Jan 2019

Senior 2 Shockwave – 3rd Place

Junior 1 Crossfire – 4th Place

Mini 1 Mighty Mites – 5th Place

PINK Cheer Championships – Dec 2018

Junior 1 Crossfire – 3rd Place

Senior 2 Shockwave – 3rd Place

Mini 1 Mighty Mites – 4th Place



Q: What is Adrenaline All Stars?

A: We are a competitive cheerleading program, also known as an all star cheerleading program. We guide each athlete to live up to his or her full potential, while teaching the invaluable skills necessary to succeed on a team working towards a common goal. Our goal is to support the development of well-rounded individuals, who excel both in and outside of our gym. A strong emphasis is placed on skill technique and developmental progressions; each athlete is taught the importance of execution and strong foundations in all aspects of competitive cheerleading which includes tumbling, stunts, jumps, and dance.

Q: What is All Star Cheerleading?

A: All star cheerleading is a highly competitive sport and one of the fastest growing in Canada. We do not cheer for other sports teams. Athletes perform a 2:30 min routine that is composed of jumps, tumbling, stunts, pyramid, and a dance. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, national, and worldwide competitions.

Tumbling is when athletes perform moves such as: cartwheels, round offs, back handsprings etc. Stunts are when a group is lifting or tosses a person in the air. Pyramids are a form of stunts, where stunts are performed as a large group and interconnected.

Q: What are the age requirements, divisions and levels?

A: There are many different combinations of age groups and levels. So many sometimes that they can be quite confusing! This system was created to ensure that like ages were competing with like skill sets.

Levels were designed to make sure that each team competes and is judged by how well they demonstrate a standard set of skills expected for every team competing at that same level. The levels range from 1-7 with level 7 being the highest and most difficult.

Teams are also split up by age, the age splits are as follows:
Tiny: 6 years & younger

Mini: 8 years & younger

Youth: 11 years & younger

Junior: 14 years & younger

Senior: 11-18 years

Open (Levels 5-6): 14 and older*

Open (Level 7): 17 and older*

The age of the athlete as of August 31 will be the age used for team placement.

*Open teams use oldest age at any point in the year of the end of the season. IE: For the 2019/20 season, athletes must be turning 17 or older at any time in 2020 to be eligible for Open Level 7

Q: Can I join a team even though I have no previous “cheer” experience?

A: Yes! We find a team for everyone to be placed on. For athletes not wanting to commit to a full year round season, we recommend our Recreational Cheerleading program

Q: How do you place athletes onto their teams?

A: Our coaches take the time to put together teams where they feel each individual will work well with others on that team in order to create a successful routine. Our general rule is to place an athlete on their age appropriate team first, and then we invite them up to a higher-level team where they are asked to crossover. A crossover is when an athlete competes with more than one team. Exceptions can be made to this rule and is a case-by-case basis. It depends on what skill set an athlete has and where spots on teams need to be filled.

Q: If I don’t tumble can I still join cheer?

A: Most of our athletes began with little to no tumbling. Our staff works hard to ensure that all athletes meet their personal tumbling goals. These goals can be achieved if an athlete works hard, takes private lessons or enrolls in a tumbling class and keeps pushing themselves to achieve their goal.

Q: Where are competitions held?

A: Cheer competitions are held all over Canada and the US. Our teams primarily compete in British Columbia with some teams competing in the US.

The competitions can be 1 or 2 day events. One-day events are smaller and local, while 2-day events are larger national competitions.

Q: My child really wants to do Cheer. How do they get started?

A: The best way to get introduced to cheerleading is to put your child in the Recreational Program. This class typically runs for a 14-week session (the same as our recreational gymnastics. They train once a week for 1.5 hours. This way, you will know that your child is enjoying the sport and will not change their mind after expenses and commitments have already been made.