Our goal is to instill a desire for children to stay active and healthy for a lifetime!


Wayland Sports facility is located in British Columbia. We provide sport instruction to over 10,000 children per year!

Our founder, Ying Wang, chose the English name Wayland, because when you say it, it sounds like the Chinese word, 未来  (Wei Lai) which means future.

At Wayland Sports, we believe that a strong foundation in sport, provides a strong foundation in life, creating a promising future!


Wayland Sports Ltd. is a company devoted to the development of movement education centres specializing in recreation, sport and entertainment for children ages 2 years to teens (& adults too!). Our goal is to create a lifelong love for fitness through fun, challenging sports and movement activities. Participants enjoy gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, parkour, cheerleading, swimming, school holiday & summer camps, birthday parties, field trips, special events and more!


Participants will have FUN, gain FITNESS & learn the FUNDAMENTALS of sport. In addition to this basic philosophy, we believe that every participant is special. We value each individual’s needs, aspirations and abilities. We strive to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, fosters self esteem, and creates success for every participant. We believe that with consistent guidance and respect, participant will flourish and grow.


Wayland was a god of ancient Teutonic myth worshipped all over Scandinavia, Germany and by the Anglo-Saxons in England. He is often identified with the Greek god-smith, Hapaestos, and the Roman Vulcan. He was said to have been the son of the god-giant, Wade. As well as being King of the Finns, Wade was a great sailor, having a boat, complete with glass windows, made of two halves of a tree. These were so tightly fitted together that the vessel could sail underwater. Hence he met Wayland’s mother, a mermaid. Wade was well remembered in Northern Britain where several sites are named after him, notably “Wade’s Caus(ew)ay” on the North York Moors. Wayland, ‘未来’ is founded in 1999 by Gen Liu, a past national swim coach in China; and Ying Wang, a past national sailing coach. Together, they founded a sports development program which sets forth for the future generations.       — Written by Tina Wang