Lifesaving is one of the main roles in our daily lives. Many skills learned in lifesaving, lifeguarding and first aid courses last a lifetime and can be applied to all types of incidents such as car crashes, incidents in homes, or during group outings. By using the skills learned through lifesaving programs, lifesavers, lifeguards and first aiders have often helped victims or assisted emergency personnel at accident scenes and other life-threatening emergency situations.

The Lifesaving programs that are offered:

  • Lifesaving
  • Lifeguarding
  • First Aid

Lifesaving programs include Swim to Survive, Junior Lifeguard Club, Canadian Swim Patrol and Bronze Medal Awards. Lifeguarding training consists the National Lifeguard Service for lifeguarding at swimming pools, beaches and waterparks. First Aid programs include CPR, AED and First Aid programs. Each level has corresponding leadership training which provides instructors with the skills and knowledge to teach and evaluate each level with confidence.

At Wayland Sports, at the current moment we only offer Bronze family level courses where the pre-requisites are as follows:

  1. at least 12 years old (by first day of class)
  2. completion of red cross swim program level 10

Any inquiries or questions, please direct them to

Bronze Star

Bronze Medallion

Bronze Cross