Girls Competitive Artistic Gymnastics AGE 6 & UP

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Programs offered at: Chilliwack, Ironwood, Surrey & Maple Ridge


The girl’s Competitive Programs at Wayland Sports comprise Interclub, Xcel, and CCP levels. Each level has its designated group and training hours vary between 4 to 10.5 hours per week. Competitive gymnastics training focuses on conditioning (increasing muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness), stretching/flexibility, and the perfection of skills required for routines. All competitive athletes will learn routines on the Olympic Artistic apparatus: vault, bars, beam, and floor.
The competition season runs from late January to June. The girls will compete at 3-4 local competitions and 2-3 “away” competitions (still in BC). Athletes will work hard during training to prepare both physically and mentally for the competitive environment.
For Xcel and CCP levels, athletes will compete against other girls in their same level and respective age category. Competitors will be from various gymnastics clubs from all over B.C. Athletes will perform in front of a panel of judges who will determine their score based on perfection, execution, and difficulty. The judges follow strict guidelines from the British Columbia Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Code of Points.
Within the Interclub Performance level, athletes do not get “judged”, but rather, they get comments on their competition card about their routines and overall performance. This is a great way to introduce young athletes into competitive gymnastics who are competing for the first time. Typically, new interclub athletes only stay in the interclub performance level for 1 year before moving up to the performance plus level.
The Interclub Performance Plus level is a competitive class that gradually introduces athletes to conventional competitive gymnastics. The competitions are a lot more stress-free at this level as at their competitions they get judged against themselves not against others. As the girls work their way up, they can eventually lead into the XCEL or CCP Competitive levels where they will be conventionally judged with a scoring system against other athletes.
The decision to join our team is a big one and reflects a significant 10–12-month family commitment. There are 10 months (September-June) of regular season training with fees due on the first day of each month and then 2 months of flexible summer training in July and August.
Participating in competitive sports has many benefits that will last a lifetime. Gymnastics BC introduced the Junior Olympic (JO) Training Program to our province in 2014. The JO program was created in the US and has been adopted by Canada under the name CCP. With 10 levels of participation, the CCP program offers even more opportunities for our athletes to experience the thrill and challenge of competitive gymnastics.

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