• During the 1st hour, birthday party guests (kids only- no parents allowed inside gym) are invited into the gym with our qualified instructors for a ton of Fun & activities. This includes, warm-up, games, and free time on gymnastics equipment including: all the traditional gymnastics equipment plus the tumble track, rope swings, trampoline and foam pit. This gives parents plenty of time to get set up the birthday party room/party area.
  • The last 1 hour is for hosting time for food and presents in the party room/party area for the children!
  • Please note that participants cannot enter the gym after the party is over. There is only 1 hour of gym time.
  • Also please be aware that due to a lack of space, there are only 4 adults permitted within the party room/space .
  • While the party staff will be there to supervise all children in the gym, they are not responsible to help serve food/drinks/etc. That is up to the parents to organize. Please let us know what we can do to help celebrate your child’s special day.
  • Parents are required to bring ALL food, drinks, plates, cups, napkins, utensils table cloths and decorations. Wayland Sports only provides the gym space and party room/party space which includes tables and chairs, and a fridge and freezer to store food.
  • Party Prices: $280 + gst for a party of 10 children. All children must be able to partake in the gym without parents. Any extra child will be an additional cost of $24 + gst
  • 5% discount on the party if the birthday child is a CURRENT Wayland member!!
  • Regarding cancellation, 80% of the party fees can be refunded if the party is canceled no less than 2 weeks beforehand.
  • Please do not come to the facility any earlier than 10 minutes before your designated party time!
  • Lastly, please ensure all party members are cleared out of the party space at the designated party ending time.
  • For all birthday party inquiries, please email inforichmondwaylandsports@gmail.com