Recreational Classes run for 5 months—

Interclub/Gymstars and all Junior Olympic classes run for 10 months

Gym Closures include: All statutory holidays Gym Closures have been calculated into fees .

5x Monthly tuition or payment in full

Payment options for monthly tuition include:
• AutoPay with Visa/MasterCard — Credit Card information must be submitted over the phone, or in person at our office. Wayland Sports (Penticton) Ltd. will process monthly fees on the 1st of each month.
• Post-dated Cheques (5 months for rec classes, 10 months for Gymstars) to be dropped off prior to class.
• Payment in full by cash, cheque, debit or credit card
• All tuition 8, Registration/Membership fees are subject to GST
• Class tuitions that are monthly all’AutoPay information (Visa/MasterCard/Debit Card/Pre-Authorized Payment) must be included to process a registration request
• All members are required to have valid insurance. Registration/ Insurance fees are valid from September 1st, 2019- August 31st, 2020, they are non-refundable and will be processed upon your child, first enrolment approval.
• If fees are not paid in full, the athlete will be put on a waiting list until payment is received in full.
• All Recreational classes are subject to a $47.00 GBC Registration/Membership Fee
• Gymstars/Interclub classes are subject to $95.00 GBC Registration/Membership Fee
• Junior Olympic classes are subject to a $125.00 GBC Registration/Membership Fee